As the practice continues to experience rapid growth and construction of major projects around the world. The adoption of technology is playing a big role in the design, documentation and construction process at BIG. Taking an overview of the integration of technology within the design process through to production and beyond. With an overview of some recent projects and the integration of technology such as automation, robotics and digital twins implemented on a city wide scale. Then taking a focused look on BIM & computation and the recent adoption of rhino inside to help streamline workflows from design into production. Finally concluding with a look into the early stages of experimentation with various technologies to integrate into the act of making.

Oliver Thomas is a BIM specialist at Bjarke Ingels Group In New York. A registered UK architect with over 8 years experience working in practice. Having worked in London, Hong Kong and New York for practices such as Aedas, Front and BIG, Oliver developed a specialization in BIM & Computational workflows spanning from design, production to fabrication. 

As a BIM specialist at BIG, Oliver oversees the implementation of BIM & Computational workflows, standards and training within the office. Working across a number of projects, Oliver provides assistance with advanced workflows within the design and production process. In addition he is also responsible for implementation and testing of new technologies and workflows into the office that help to enhance the unique design process at BIG.