Design technology specialists often find themselves torn between two modes of working; providing specialist project support to architectural teams or undertaking research and development in an effort to push the boundaries of what an architectural practice can achieve. In other words, looking at the present and looking at the future.

At Grimshaw, the Design Technology team try to do both, striving to bridge the gap by finding opportunities for ongoing development on live projects. Through an overview of the Grimshaw DT team and a closer look at ongoing work, this session aims to open up a wider dialogue about how newer technologies and approaches can find a home in the architectural design process.


Andy Watts

Andy Watts is the Director of Design Technology at Grimshaw and provides strategic leadership to the global Design Technology team, adding value to the work of the Grimshaw design teams through the applications of emerging technologies. As a computational designer and architect, Andy has interests ranging from digital fabrication and immersive technologies through to data analysis and machine learning, all underpinned by a drive to make them as accessible as possible as everyday design tools.

Beyond Grimshaw, Andy has taught in the UK and internationally, and is also on the organising committee for the London VR/AR User Group alongside Simply Rhino.

Georgios Tsakiridis

Georgios Tsakiridis is a Computational Design Specialist at Grimshaw and leads the London studios computational design efforts. As an architect intrigued by the emerging technologies and the contemporary digital realm, his research explores the impact of applied computation on the ways we design, construct and inhabit the built environment.

Frequently engaging with academia, he is presently faculty at the CASS, London Metropolitan University and has taught numerous workshops. His personal work has been presented and exhibited both in the UK and internationally.

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