This lecture discusses design strategies which incorporate Multi Stable State Design. These designs house multiple embedded performances which can be triggered over the lifetime of a design, providing a new form of optimisation – curating interacting digital and physical parameters.  Multiple stable state design revisits how we design a “product” which can be read as process. It is no longer static; it is able to evolve from its first “state”; i.e. hosts a time-based design strategies. 

Think here about structures which would be dis- and reassembled into different configurations, or elements which might be added to trigger different loadpaths which allow for change over time, etc. They go beyond structural typologies we are familiar with, which aids to break free from convention and reinforce change. 

Yet how can we make them legible to others, when structural capacity and response is based on configuration as well as orientation of elements?  We aim to uncover sequential construction predicting the impact of the placement of the next elements, and with that a possible future state. The aids of Augmented Reality through Fologram has been explored to bring back sensitivity to structural design and bridge between these lifelong structures, construction but also to the collective.Amongst other projects, these projects addressed: MINKA + MOHOCON (AJGA dk), TAB Tallinn + RA Gilles Retsin

Manja van de Worp

Manja van de Worp – is the director of YIP Structural Engineering London (formerly NOUS engineering London), holding Master degrees in Architecture, Structural Engineering and in Emergent Technologies and Design. She is a structural engineer with 10 years professional experience in the Construction Industry focusing on Structure Geometry and Fabrication, while teaching at the RCA, Architectural Association & IAAC.

She has worked for Arup in London in the Advanced Geometry Unit and at the Advanced Technology and Research group in ARUP, designing structures with a complex geometry and moveable structures.

Manja has Launched NOUS engineering LONDON (now YIP) in 2013 an engineering consultancy bearing extensive knowledge of advanced structural analysis tools, complex structural systems, materials and fabrication technologies. Current projects involve a FRP shell and a modular steel roof structure. YIP also focuses on structural product design and research based projects, looking at innovative ways to use timber, 3d printing of concrete, searching how materials not conventionally used in structural design and how they could find their way into building engineering.