Iris is a cross platform plugin for Rhino which works on Rhino 5 (Mac / Win) and Rhino WIP (Mac/Win). Iris allows you to export your Rhino models to a web based format which you can use to share online and view with any modern browser on any computer or mobile device. Iris is developed as a RhinoCommon plugin which has facilitated the process of creating a cross platform plugin which works on both OSX and Windows versions of Rhino.

Iris: WebGL Export Plugin for Rhino

Luis E. Fraguada investigates critical issues in architecture, design, and urbanism through various modes, including associative design, programming, and fabrication. Luis applies research in professional practice as Research Director of Built by Associative Data, an architecture studio with built projects in Beirut and ongoing projects internationally. In 2015, Luis joined the McNeel Euro / Asuni team to develop plugins in emerging sectors. Since 2008, Luis has taught computational design at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Masters of Advanced Architecture program.