Rhino enables you to model the most complex geometries so wouldn’t it be great if you could re-use this work in a BIM environment. Now you can with BIMobject’s unique techology of LENA/ BIMscript.

Alan Baikie – BIMobject UK Ltd

Over the course of my career I have worked in senior management positions in several industries, mainly with an Information Technology bias.

I became involved in BIM 12 years ago, initially with software supplier Graphisoft, then more recently at Solibri and now as the Managing Director of BIMobject UK.

I am a member of BIM for Manufacturing and Manufacturers (BIM4M2 – http://bim4m2.co.uk/). This organisation has been established by the UK Government’s BIM Task Group to encourage and support construction product manufacturers and installers to transition to BIM. I am the Chairman of the BIM4M2 Product Data Work Group which educates and mentors Trade Associations and manufacturers on what is required to be UK BIM Level 2 compliant.

Apart from a keen interest in cars, and most things mechanical, I also keep English Longhorn cows and Tamworth pigs.