The Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Live Connection enables Rhino/Grasshopper and ARCHICAD to communicate directly in order to create and manipulate a BIM model in full or in parts through Grasshopper’s visual scripting interface. Designers whose work is currently based on either Rhino/Grasshopper or ARCHICAD can leverage its functionality to their advantage. The live, associative and bi-directional nature of the connection enables users to build versatile workflows and utilize the connection in multiple scenarios — using both Apple Mac OS or Microsoft Windows operating systems.

In projects where the design is primarily determined by using the Rhino-Grasshopper toolset, users can apply the GH-AC Connection to convert the design into a full BIM model and still retain some of the algorithmic editing capabilities. In other cases, Rhino/Grasshopper (or other Rhino plug-in) can be used to complement an existing BIM project with algorithmic functions or freeform modelling environment in any stage of the design process. In these situations, the framework or reference geometry for the part designed in Grasshopper can be taken directly from ARCHICAD itself.

Akos Karoczkai

Akos Karoczkai is a BIM Consultant and Parametric Design expert at GRAPHISOFT, the developer of ARCHICAD based in Budapest, Hungary.

He graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an architect. Working at GRAPHISOFT for almost 4 years, first as Technical Support engineer, then as BIM Consultant he took part in the GRAPHISOFT – McNeel collaboration to connect the leading BIM software solution (ARCHICAD) with the leading Parametric Design solutions (Rhino and Grasshopper). As a Parametric Design expert and BIM Consultant, he is responsible trainings, creating demo materials and spreading new technologies on conferences and expos.

His passion is to test new technologies and experiment with Rhino-Grasshopper connected to ARCHICAD.