Kenn Clausen

Kenn Clausen is an architect, computational designer and project manager with multidisciplinary interests ranging from digital tools and robotic fabrication to design and workflow optimization. He joined GXN, the research and innovation unit of 3XN architects in Denmark.

He works in the fusion between competition, project development and research, implementing and utilizing digital tools, workflow strategies and design technologies from large scale building projects to experimental prototypes. His work includes the design and development of the Olympic Committee headquarter in Lausanne and the Fish Market in Sydney.

His work experiences include Electrotexture LAB in Denmark and UNStudio in Amsterdam.

Kåre Stokholm Poulsgaard

Kåre Stokholm Poulsgaard is Head of Innovation at GXN and work with applied design research in architecture through the development of strategies for informed design across 3XN architects and GXN innovation. He is interested in research and innovation in the built environment, specifically in the ways digital technology impacts human well-being, work, and learning and what this means for design strategy. Alongside this work, Kåre is pursuing a PhD at the University of Oxford focused on how digital technologies impact human cognition and creativity and what that might mean for creative practice and the organization of work.

Morten Norman Lund

Morten Norman Lund is a parametric designer, design technologist and project manager at 3XN Architect’s independent innovation unit GXN. Morten has been at GXN as an architect for 5 years, working mainly on research projects that focus on materials, sustainability, and digital technologies as well as architecture projects. He is currently leading GXN’s latest research into digital fabrication though the Digital Factory project as well as applying parametric workflows to BIM models in 3XN. Morten’s current work at 3XN and GXN serves to bring digital tools into the later phases of the design process to allow more complex designs to be conceived and built.

Dirty Works – A Platform Approach To The Design And Delivery Of Complex Buildings

3XN architects and GXN innovation, seek to advance human-centred architecture by bringing social, technical and computational design research into ongoing studio projects and workflow. This dual nature of work, allow us to experiment with radically distributed yet interconnected approaches to the design and delivery of buildings that achieve a synthesis of design, function, and context. Driven by centralized data flow and the interoperability of digital tools, these approaches might best be captured by the notion of a platform approach to architecture.

Platform architectures are modularisations of complex systems in which some components remain stable while others are iteratively reshaped and vary over time. By presenting ongoing work at 3XN architecture and GXN innovation, this talk will demonstrate these concepts in practice. It takes aim at how computational design platforms are developed to achieve and balance stability and flexibility, how a centralized data structure has allowed for decentralized and robust workflow, and how hacking and modularisation has become integral to allow for distributed research and project delivery.