Through the available API’s, Rhino is as much a development platform as it is a robust 3d modelling software. This talk will show how Rhino’s users are developing custom workflows to build some of the world’s most innovative architecture. The talk will also look at the ecosystem of third party tools available for the AEC market, specifically focusing on tools that not only seek to solve classic interoperability issues, but look to completely reimagine how data is managed throughout the project lifecycle. Finally, a short demonstration of Asuni’s VisualARQ plugin will introduce the audience to the concept of Flexible BIM.

Luis Fraguada

Luis is a developer at McNeel Europe specializing in tools for the AEC industry. Luis is the developer of the Iris, a plugin for exporting Rhino models to viewing on the web. Luis is involved in supporting third party developers and academic researchers on their way to creating awesome things with Rhino’s APIs. Luis also works on Asuni’s VisualARQ BIM plugin for Rhino as the strategic development lead. In academia, Luis has taught internationally, and has been a computational expert at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia for over 10 years, most recently as Director of the Masters of Advanced Interaction program.

Francesc Salla

Francesc is an architect and the Product Manager of VisualARQ, a BIM modelling plugin for Rhino, and Lands Design, and landscape design plugin for Rhino 3d that are developed by Asuni. He coordinates the development team of VisualARQ and Lands Design, and is involved in the development, sales, marketing, training and technical support of users and distributors of both programs since joining Asuni in July 2010. Francesc has given innumerable presentations and courses of VisualARQ and Lands Design all over the world and has participated continuously in events and conferences where the latest techniques and advances in architecture, BIM and design projects have been presented.