Bob is the CEO of Robert McNeel & Asscociates, the developers of Rhino Software. The use of this 3D CAD Modelling tool features in all projects being presented at this Shape to Fabrication Conference.

Bob will answer any questions on Rhino use, development & its future. There are also of course the plug-ins Flamingo, Penguin & Bongo, questions on any of these subjects are welcome.

If you are unable to attend but would like us to pose a question for you, we’d be happy to do that. Questions we have from others already:

  • Are you busy with Rhino 6?
  • When might we see a Beta?
  • Rhino for the Mac? When is that likely to ship?
  • How will the final Mac version of Rhino compare to the version for Windows?
  • I understand the Mac version is not feature complete compared to the Win version – will it ever be?
  • Do you intend Rhino for Mac to be sold on the Apple App Store?
  • Grasshopper 1.0 will ship as part of Rhino 6.0, is that correct?
  • As we can see Grasshopper is a tool certain architects are very reliant on. What other industries are showing interest? Do you have any examples of those?
  • Some of the more popular plug-ins for Rhino have been bought by Autodesk and as such their future (inside Rhino) is uncertain. Are you concerned about this? Should we be?
  • Have you ever considered selling Rhino to one of these huge CAD companies?
  • What are your thoughts on CAD on the Cloud & how this relates to Rhino?
  • Will Rhino get proper (i.e. fast) 2D drawing ability like SolidWorks etc?
A discussion with Bob McNeel