Today it is feasible for larger design studios to have 5-axis CNC machines for use in the design development working upon both 1:1 mock ups and scale fabrications.  

At the beginning of the last decade this kind of equipment (including the use 3D scanners along with Rhino) was usually available to those working with the automotive industries. And they retained the traditional craft process' (clay modelling) as an essential part of that process. 

With the increasing availability and affordability of CNC machines these are exciting times for designers and fabricators. 

And at the other end of the digital process we can now see practical applications using VR headsets in the design process which can be used as studies alongside 3D printed/CNC fabricated or hand made models. This process can be seen as a direct evolution of the traditional use of perspective vignettes when presenting to/working with clients and colleagues. 

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