Rhino New Developments Day Agenda

The Agenda for Monday April 23rd is below.


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Introduction / Rhino 6

Luis Fraguada + Scott Davidson


McNeel Flow: Development Process

Brian Gillespie


RhinoCommon Developments and Implications

Steve Baer


Coffee Break


Dynamic Sectioning

Rajaa Issa


Core Geometry: SubD

Andrew le Bihan


Yak: Rhino’s Package Manager

Will Pearson




Open Source Projects

Steve Baer


Grasshopper 2 Icon Philosophy/Manifesto

David Rutten


Kangaroo 2

Daniel Piker



Steve Baer + Dan Belcher


Coffee Break


VisualARQ 2 GH Components and GH Styles

Francesc Salla


Licens3d, 3d Asset Protection on the Blockchain

Viktor Nordstrom



Jonatan Schumacher



Dimitrie Stefanescu


Developing RhinoCFD

Andrew Carmichael

+ Geoff Michel


Semantic + Conveyor -

Data Management & OpenNURBS

Nathan Miller



Agenda Talks

Introduction / Rhino 6 - Luis Fraguada + Scott Davidson

Rhino 6 introduced a lot of new features as well as a host of updates to our modelling tools. There are also a lot of enhancements to our public SDKs which give developers access to this new functionality. This talk will go over some of these new tools in our SDK offerings.

McNeel Flow: Development Process - Brian Gillespie

A brief overview of the technologies and processes we use to develop software, validate it, release it to users, track how we’re doing, and get feedback from customers. I’ll also solicit feedback to see where our story doesn’t match yours, or where we are missing the mark.

RhinoCommon Developments - Steve Baer

RhinoCommon and .NET changes in Rhino 6 that may not be all that obvious.

Make 2D and Dynamic Sectioning - Rajaa Issa

Make2D in Rhino 6 was written using RhinoCommon SDK. Same functionality is available to all developers. This talk includes an overview of the structure and workflow of the vector line drawing (Make2D) in RhinoCommon SDK. Future development planned in V7 will include dynamic sectioning and the integration of SectionTools into Rhino workflow. Briefly discuss features and workflows of dynamic sectioning.

Core Geometry: SubD - Andy le Bihan

SubD is being developed for the a future version of Rhino. These developments are available to all Rhino users in our WIP releases. This talk will cover the state of SubD, how the core commands will work with this new object type, how will this be exposed in our SDKs, and the technical challenges to be resolved going forward.

Yak: Rhino’s Package Manager - Will Pearson

An introduction to the Yak project -- a content-agnostic package management framework to support contributions to the Rhinoceros ecosystem. Yak aims to improve discoverability and delivery (for both creators and consumers). Includes a demo of current functionality for package creation (from a Grasshopper/RhinoCommon plug-in), publishing and installation (both explicit and implicit a.k.a. Package Restore in Grasshopper). We’ll also discuss future uses for the package manager.

Open Source Projects- Steve Baer

Code editors, interactive Rhino viewports on the Grasshopper canvas, and OpenGL shader support in Grasshopper; three open source projects will be presented that showcase new technologies being developed for Rhino and Grasshopper. The projects also provide examples of continuous integration and publishing to Yak.

Grasshopper 2 Icon Philosophy/Manifesto - David Rutten

Icons throughout the ages; religious imagery in the Greek Orthodox Church, early home computing fixed resolution screens, variable resolution screens, variable dpi screens, ZUIs. Problems with all existing icon solutions involve both creation and deployment aspects. Grasshopper 2 takes a fairly radical new approach to icons, but is compatible with traditional methods.

Kangaroo 2 - Daniel Piker

Kangaroo now ships with Rhino 6, meaning users have access to its geometry relaxation and optimization functionality right away in Grasshopper. This presentation will cover recent changes and how developers can further customize or make use of the Kangaroo library in their own scripts and plugins.

compute.rhino3d.com - Steve Baer and Dan Belcher

compute.rhino3d.com is a new project being developed to provide Rhino’s computational services over the internet. The project attempts to provide an API that is almost a “no brainer” for people used to working with RhinoCommon.

VisualARQ 2 GH Components and GH Styles - Francesc Salla

VisualARQ is an architectural design software which enhances Rhino by adding powerful architectural object styling and dynamic documentation tools which adapt to fit your workflow. This presentation will highlight the new features of VisualARQ 2, including the updated VisualARQ Grasshopper components, creating object styles from Grasshopper Definitions, adding custom parameters to objects, and vector output functionality.

Licens3d, 3d Asset Protection on the Blockchain - Viktor Nordstrom

LICENS3D  provides a proprietary content management and file sharing platform based on Blockchain, that hinders unauthorized distribution, proves ownership and protects unrestricted reproduction of any digital assets. The company mainly focuses selling directly to Mid to Large Manufacturing companies offering our proprietary technology as a yearly license.

Konstru - Jonatan Schumacher

Konstru  is a cloud-based automation platform that lets you view, edit, clean, synchronize and share model data stemming from a variety of BIM and Structural Analysis programs. It was built by engineers for engineers, architects and contractors to solve the lack of interoperability between popular software programs like Tekla, Revit, Grasshopper, Excel, and others. Unlike other interoperability platforms that focus on one-directional data dumps, Konstru was built to support the entire project design workflow from conceptualization through documentation to fabrication. In this talk, Jonatan will showcase a number of recent projects that leverage the power of Grasshopper and Konstru to drive geometry and building data. read more at www.konstru.com

Jonatan Schumacher is Founder of Konstru, a technology startup that helps structural engineers and BIM modelers be more efficient through process automation. Prior to founding Konstru, Jonatan started and led Thornton Tomasetti’s R&D group CORE studio, worked at Gehry Technologies in Dubai, and rode his bike across Europe with a 17-inch laptop in his panniers. Jonatan holds a Bachelor's degree in Product Design and a Master's degree in Engineering.

Speckle - Dimitrie Stefanescu

Speckle is a distributed, schema agnostic, data rich design data exchange and collaboration platform and protocol that evolved out of Dimitrie's research on the woes of communication & interoperability that AEC is plagued with. This talk will center around both the technical aspects involved but as well the implications of rearing up an open source community that can sustainably develop a core platform for AEC.

Dimitrie is Marie Curie Fellow (ESR) at The Bartlett UCL, where he is creating open source tools and protocols for integrative design communication in the AEC industries. His current efforts revolve around   speckle.works , an open source (MIT) initiative for developing an extensible AEC data communication protocol and platform. Find him on   twitter  or   linkedin .

RhinoCFD - Andrew Carmichael + Geoff Michel

The inception of RhinoCFD  has allowed a new host of users to easily access industry-standard CFD simulations, but it’s development has presented challenges along the way, both in terms of adapting to the expectations of current Rhino users and in tying it’s procedures into solvers and panels that were originally coded in Fortran and C. This talk will cover the development experience so far.

Andrew Carmichael is Engineering Manager at CHAM. Aeronautical Engineer by education, has worked in CFD consultancy for the past 6 years.

Dr. Geoff Michel is Lead Consultant Developer at CHAM. PhD in low-temperature physics and 30+ years in fluid simulations, computer graphics and industrial design.

Proving Ground Tools - Nathan Miller

Proving Ground  CEO Nathan Miller will share some of their latest technical developments and custom applications related to the use of Rhino user data and the use of OpenNURBS to support interoperability.

Nate Miller is the founder and CEO of PROVING GROUND – a digital design agency that delivers data-driven solutions to architecture, engineering, and construction businesses. Nate has worked with some of the most reputable organizations in the building industry to create strategies and software that connect builders with data to realize performance. Nate’s work in data and computation has impacted the design and delivery of a wide range of built environments including stadiums, skyscrapers, hospitals, and museums.

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